Solutions that work for your business


FMP’s understands the complexity, risk, cost, and downtime associated with MAC moves in an organization.  By organizing all move orders and associated information into a central repository will depict accurate allocations and true costs of moves.   Furthermore, by implementing an efficient and streamlined process with move team members and vendors, true savings can be accomplished, measured and increase user satisfaction.

  • Manage a variety of move types and their drivers
  • Minimize duplicated efforts and costs through project collaboration
  • Move scenario planning
  • Integrate Move Information with HR, Finance, and other ERP systems

Asset Management

Do you know the condition of your assets?  The key to highly effective asset lifecycle management is in understanding at any moment where an asset is in its lifecycle.

FMP helps clients identify which assets need to be tracked for their entire lifecycle and how they need to be managed to deliver optimum value to the organization. FMP enables organizations to:

  • Improve asset performance and budget management to better inform operations when to buy, maintain, or sell any asset
  • Create visibility throughout the organization with integrated system and data access, providing users with asset location, asset value, asset specifications, asset replacement values, and physical gain or depreciation
  • Streamline maintenance decisions with a centralized asset intelligence solution


Capital Project Management

Every project’s success is evaluated on two factors: time and cost.  Staying on time and on budget with all of your capital projects will contribute towards your organization’s success; and FMP can help.

Let FMP’s expertise in capital budgeting cycle help guide you to an integrated software solution for Capital Project Management.  From request and evaluation to approval and funding, we can help define your goals for capital expenditures and lay out a process for obtaining them:

  • Design workflows to process project requests, approvals, and assignments
  • Coordinate condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project management functions
  • Integrate assessment items with facility condition index
  • Consolidate historical capital projects for benchmarking and informative planning


Move Management


Strategic Planning and Space Management

FMP has the expertise to make strategic planning a reality for any organization. Our diverse makeup of space planners, architects, and engineers give us the unique ability to integrate data points and systems into strategic planning tools.  We also have the means to support data collection; see our Data & Technology services.

  • broad, holistic approach, focusing on what’s best for the entire enterprise
  • utilization of quantitative data as criteria, not subjective data
  • Integrate data sources such as the amount of space needed, type of space, how to procure the space, cost scenarios and departmental affinities and allocations
  • Build tools for specific planning needs


Building Operations

Facility Managers are the lifeline of a building. Without Facility Managers having the proper tools to do their job, it will accelerate the depreciation of the building.  FMP understands the needs of the FM and the building, marrying technology with proven methodologies to support constant operation.

  • Work Order Management for on-demand and preventive maintenance
  • Process engineer efficient operation of systems and equipment
  • Setup and automation of Service Level Agreements and scheduling tools
  • Key performance indicators to support maximum equipment life and minimal downtime


Implementation, Sustainment and Expansion

Standard, custom, new or old—we've got you covered.

Our business can be categorized by two types of implementation; Standard, which focuses on a streamlined methodology to a COTS software implementation, or Extended, comprised of add-ons to enhance a new or existing IWMS implementation.


Standard Implementation

Software Selection

  • Based on needs assessments FMP evaluates necessary software purchases that align with customers long-term needs
  • Evaluate ROI


  • FMP has agreements with secure data-centers to offer private-cloud services to house your IWMS systems.
  • Cost-effective and streamlined implementations
  • Lower IT overhead
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)


  • Mobile device and software selection
  • Data collection workflow engineering
  • Channel partnerships with mobile technologists


  • Custom onsite training
  • Remote learning
  • Detailed syllabus and documentation
  • Post-training follow-up

Extended Implementation

GIS Software and Services

  • Cartographic Map Production
  • Geospatial Analysis and Location Intelligence Solutions
  • Design and Develop Web Maps
  • Data and Systems Integration

Technology Alignment

  • Define a comprehensive Technology Roadmap
  • Develop framework for information systems architecture, including: Hardware, Software, Data Standardization, Integrations with other Enterprise Information Systems, Legacy system consolidation

3D Scanning

BIM Modeling

Data & Analytics

Harness the power of your data

What is the importance of data?  We answer this question through exploratory data analytics and by identifying meaningful relationships, patterns or trends from complex data sets.  Once baseline data is established, predictive analytics enhance the value of your data and help inform your business decision-making process.  Our team of data specialists work closely with customers to communicate data findings both verbally and through effective visualizations.

Data Wrangling

  • Identify data inputs and standardization of background data
  • Legacy system consolidation
  • Data Mapping, Normalization and Migration
  • Database Upgrades
  • Automate cleanup processes through scripts and macros

Data Analysis

  • Investigative and intuitive data analytics
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Real Estate and Facility Management Subject Matter Expertise
  • Data realization through quantitative collection and reporting

Data Quality Management

  • Best practices for data maintenance and management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automated Quality Control Processes

Data Integration                          

  • Integration Planning
  • Manage system integration process with stakeholders
  • Application Support, Installation, Testing and Documentation
  • Data Mapping and Process / Rule-set Definition

Data Survey and Processing

  • Surveys and Audits
    • Drawing Creation
    • Asset Validation such as Occupancy, Equipment, Furniture
    • Condition Assessment
    • Fire Life Safety (FLS) Verification
  • Methodical Approach
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Executable and Reusable Process



Failure to record a property/asset at the time of acquisition will result in considerable cost and loss of accurate data in the future. FMP will help you:

  • Qualify owner’s needs for data management systems
  • Engineer the process for handoff of construction data to owners
  • Work with General Contractor to capture construction data for post occupancy maintenance and operations
  • Engage sub-contractors, evaluate their process and deliver accurate data for handover
  • Represent owner’s data needs to construction team
  • Data verification for final handover deliverable
  • Develop a process to collect and manage data on future construction projects using BIM tools


Construction Management Integration

Break down the wall between construction and facility management; owners receive inaccurate and in-complete as-build data while the “what exists” data is never collected nor delivered.

FMP will bridge the information gap between design-build-management and recommend proper techniques according to your needs, not the contractor’s.


Facility Condition Assessment

The condition of an organization’s physical asset portfolio – including outstanding deficiencies and deferred maintenance liabilities – can adversely affect asset service life and the ability to support core business functions.  FMP will help you accomplish effective asset stewardship and mitigate risk to the organization through a variety of condition assessment services:

  • Prolong individual asset service life by identifying minor repair issues before the asset condition deteriorates to point of replacement
  • Reduce administrative costs by focusing inspection on the most susceptible assets and systems
  • Reduce asset and staff downtime through the proactive identification of deficiencies and effective management of contingencies
  • Streamline the aggregation and reporting of deficiency costs for improved capital budgeting and planning
  • Improve alignment of preventative maintenance strategy with actual operating conditions and experience
  • Increase efficiency via integrated assessment and work order management for closed loop problem resolution


Document Control

FMP can help you establish a process for the management of your drawings and documents—check in and check out, as-builts and close-out procedures—as well as help you provide the necessary contract language for vendors regarding standards for your IWMS system.


Environmental Health & Safety

To determine the existence of environmental influences that may exist in or around a facility, our team assists in system tracking of carbon footprint analysis and consumption measurement.  Emissions, solid/hazardous waste, chemicals and recyclables are also conditions we can help you more accurately understand and manage your environmental and health safety rating.

Compliance & Risk

Organizations are subject to a variety of laws, regulations and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities.  Most organizations have departments focusing on internal policies to manage and access compliance programs and correct in-violation actions.  The maintenance of tracking requirements, responses, and actions on schedule is critical.

Our team will help you track and manage compliance programs and assessments through operational reports, management reports and systems integration.


Want to lower energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and mitigate the risk associated with energy rate fluctuations?

FMP will help you aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption.  Our team works with users to correlate and manage extensive cost and consumption data, utilizing real-time facility and infrastructure portfolio information.  Evaluate usage and measure the effect of change all through objective benchmarks and dashboards.

Clean Building

Whether hazardous materials occurred historically (such as asbestos or lead paint used in older construction), by accident (a toxic spill or a water leak that has led to mold growth), or natural cause (radon), your primary concern is getting it accounted for and cleaned up.  FMP will help your business locate, identify, and abate hazardous materials that may be present in the environment.