Real-Time System Status

Current Status:  NO ISSUES

January 29 2015 3:59PM Pacific Time

Issue: Installed SSLs on Hosted Archibus Environments
Servers Effected: Arcade, Belfry, Gazebo
Symptoms of Issue: Access to Archibus through Web and Smart Client displays SSL errors, mentioning insecure connection.
Status: Solved as of January 29 2015 5:40PM Pacific Time, Official RFO will be emailed by January 30 2015 5PM Pacific

Update:(5:40PM) All production environments are back online. Please test your environments and let us know if you continue to see issues.

Update:(5:10PM) All Development environments check out for secure connections, we are installing on production environments now.

Update:(4:45PM) To ensure these environments have been brought up properly without corruption or risk of data breach we are testing SSL connections on development servers now.

Update:(4:16PM) We are in the process of recreating the .pem files required to bring the secure connections back online, please standby.


January 15 2015 6:59PM Pacific Time

Issue: Planned Maintenance On
Servers Effected: Arcade, Belfry
Reason for Maintenance: Addition of RAM to Cloud Machine
Status: Completed as of January 15 2015 8:22PM Pacific Time

Update:(8:22PM) All Archibus Environments are back online.

Update:(8:00PM) Both servers are back online, we will update again when Archibus Hosted Environments are online.

Update:(7:30PM) Server Arcade is being brought back online now.  Belfry is having the Ram install completed.

Update:(7:00PM) Servers both have been brought down.